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Sacred Purpose

My sacred purpose is to serve others by providing quality massage therapy, body work, and wellness education. I help people reach their goals of maintaining optimum health and wellness on all levels.  These levels consist of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes in our daily lives.

What to expect

When you take the time to nurture yourself with selfcare, the benefits will show up in other areas of your daily life. Whether you’re taking care of kids, your spouse and/or have a thriving career, you may find yourself to be more productive, patient and focused.

To be in optimal health and enjoy these benefits, you should include regular, high quality bodywork in your wellness routine. Not only does massage support stiff, sore, muscles and joints in your physical body, but it also supports you mentally and emotionally.

In my sacred space, you will feel the comfort and safety of a haven where you can let go of anything negative you’ve been carrying around in your life. To begin, I will ask you to focus on breathing long, steady breaths. This allows you to settle into the present moment where we can focus on the most important person in the room – YOU! You’d be amazed at how I can feel the softening of your tissues and muscles as you simply breathe in deeply for those first few moments.

Because I am trained and experienced in many healing modalities, I often sense when you need something more, like a specific essential oil or CranioSacral. I use my intuition to get in touch with your energy so that I can best apply my skills to your ultimate relaxation.

Bodywork is an important part of self care and should be incorporated into your life as often as you can. Let me show you how it can make a difference. Click above to book your appointment now.

Massage Gallery

Take a peek in side of the massage treatment room, and some of the tools we use for Ashiatsu, Sound Healing, and Spa.


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